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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Date Night In

Because you can’t go anywhere.

Stay Diffuser in Black

Runs for 18 hours.


Smells like a spicy cocktail.


Smells like Palm Springs.

Stone Diffuser in Sea

The color of peace and calm.


Smells like a dark hotel bar.

Reset Kit

Four grounding aromas.

Lasts Longer
Than a Bouquet

But smells just as good.

Stone Diffuser in Rose

Bonus: no thorns.


Smells like fresh blooms.


Smells like warm cashmere.

Stone Diffuser in Blush

Our most romantic color.

Lavender Essential Oil

Smells like Southern France.


Smells like soft perfume.

Better Than a
Box of Chocolates

And even more thoughtful.

Stone Diffuser in White

The classic of classics.

Floral Kit

Flower power at its finest.

Unwind Kit

Four relaxing blends.

Move Diffuser in Black

Cordless for easy use.

The Essentials Kit

The perfect starter pack.

Uplift Kit

Four energizing blends.

Golden Opportunities

Because jewelry was last year’s gift.

Move Diffuser in White

Cordless for easy use.


Smells happy (seriously).

Gold Sleep Set

Rest is always in style.

Stone Diffuser in Honey

The color of optimism.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Smells like a citrus grove.


Smells like sunny mornings.

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