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Mother’s Day Gifts


Our failsafe fan favorites.

Stone Diffuser in White

Matches any room in her home.

The Essentials Kit

Her perfect starter set.


For her wind-down routine.

Move Diffuser in White

Scents her home without a cord.

Uplift Kit

For when she needs a boost.


For her carefree afternoons.

Armchair Travels

To transport her from the comfort of home.

Stone Diffuser in Terracotta

A warm, earthy neutral.


Takes her to a sultry bar.


Takes her to a misty beach.


Takes her to a citrus grove.

Move Diffuser in Terracotta

Scents her home without a cord.


Takes her to a coastal forest.

Her At-Home Spa

Because she deserves to be pampered.

Stone Diffuser in Sea

A peaceful, tranquil blue.


Smells like fresh, clean air.


Smells like a five-star spa.

Unwind Kit

For ultimate relaxation.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Smells like a rejuvenating steam.

Move Diffuser in Fog

Scents her home without a cord.

Better than a Bouquet

Floral products that will never wilt.

Stone Diffuser in Rose

A soft red, minus the thorns.


For her best night’s rest.

Lavender Essential Oil

For her bedtime ritual.


For her solo time.

Stone Diffuser in Charcoal

A sleek and chic grey.

Floral Kit

A flower garden in oil form.

Gifts your mom will truly remember.


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