vitruvi x Mejuri

Indulge in a favorite place, wherever that may be.

Inspired by a shared mission to help our community create a sense of home within themselves and their spaces, this collection features an exclusive essential oil blend and Move Diffuser colorway.

Sunday On Repeat

It’s the feeling of home—no matter where you are.


A favorite place.

Lingering a little longer. Sinking into a velvet armchair. Gold earrings and a good book. With top notes of Bergamot and Geranium and bottom notes of Vetiver and Vanilla, Séjour is earthy and indulgent.


Gold suits you—and your home.

The cordless Move Diffuser in Gold scents your home with natural essential oils—no plug necessary. From making your morning routine feel special to being the centerpiece at your dinner party, this diffuser elevates your everyday moments.

Why go big when you can go home?

vitruvi x Mejuri