Cloud Humidifier

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Elevate your sleep and beauty routine with the Cloud Humidifier. Whisper-quiet and designed for optimal performance, it provides a continuous cool mist that hydrates your skin and hair, promoting a dewy complexion and silky locks. With settings ranging from 8 to 24 hours and a light-free night mode, it ensures undisturbed, restful sleep. Safe for kids and easy to clean with a dishwasher-safe water bucket, the Cloud Humidifier is the perfect addition to your bedroom for enhanced wellness and natural immunity. Its compact, nightstand-friendly design fits seamlessly into any space, humidifying rooms up to 600 sq.-ft.

Cloud Humidifier

Cloud Humidifier

Whisper quiet
Cloud barely makes a sound while you sleep.

24-hour run time
Cloud meets your needs in the moment, with time settings ranging from 8 to 24 hours.

Because it doesn’t use any heat, Cloud is safe for kids.

Easy to clean
Cloud’s water bucket is removable and dishwasher safe.

Night mode
Cloud’s light-free setting won’t disrupt dark bedrooms.

Adjustable mist spout
Cloud’s spout rotates a full 360 degrees.

Cloud’s compact size means it fits seamlessly among your things.

Wellness benefits
Cloud gives you hydrated skin, smooth hair, and improved natural immunity. Works in any space Cloud humidifies rooms of up to 600 sq.-ft.

BPA-free plastic; recycled plastic.

8-hour, 12-hour, 16-hour, and 24-hour settings.
Whisper quiet: 26.8 db.

Width: 27.3 cm.
Height: 21.6 cm.
Depth: 9.3 cm to 11.9 cm.
Weight: 3.46 lbs.

Misting output
Level 1 (highest): 260 ml/hour.
Level 2: 230 ml/hour.
Level 3: 180 ml/hour.
Level 4: 140 ml/hour.
Level 5 (lowest): 60 ml/hour.

Humidifying capacity
600 sq.-ft.

Automatically turns off when time is up or when water runs out.

Water capacity
1.5 L.

Includes a power cord compatible with North American outlets.

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Designed for Your Best Sleep

Dry air can disrupt sleep, leading to cracked skin, dry sinuses, and weakened respiratory defences. The whisper-quiet Cloud Humidifier provides optimal humidity, and its night mode keeps your bedroom dark, letting you rest deeply and wake up revitalized.

Beauty Boosting Hydration

By naturally hydrating the air, Cloud enhances your skin's moisture barrier, giving you a glowing complexion and keeping your hair silky and smooth. Achieve beauty benefits effortlessly with this powerful humidifier.

Join over 10k Cloud customers sleeping better every night

Sweet Dreams, Thanks to Cloud

After using it for a week, my life was changed.

This humidifier is not only BEAUTIFUL, but it also serves a purpose that I think everyone will benefit from. I've noticed my hair becoming more hydrated, and I live in an extremely dry place! I'm still blown away that this humidifier has changed the game for me. I would highly recommend it if you want your life changed!

Annika P.

Verified Customer
Life before Cloud? Don't remember it.

I never thought I could love a humidifier, but here I am — IN LOVE. We have our Cloud going at all times since we got it. It's beautiful and works so well. It's helped clear sniffles in our home during the cold November weather... I want one for every room.

Alex D.

Verified Customer
Elevating Home Comfort and Aesthetics

The Vitruvi Humidifier has completely transformed my living space and elevated my overall well-being.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the humidifier's performance is truly outstanding. It releases a fine mist that instantly refreshes the air, providing a more comfortable and soothing environment, especially during dry seasons.

Olivier M.

Verified Customer
I absolutely love this!

Use it for one night and you will be hooked. It is beautiful, quiet, and provides the moisture your skin didn't know it needed. Mine was a gift, and I would gift this to anyone who is hard to buy for.

Teresa F.

Verified Customer
Do not hesitate purchasing this unit!

My skin, hair and sleep quality has noticeably improved and am absolutely obsessed of staying consistent. It’s sleek, cute and visually appealing! How do you not purchase!?

Kaytee W.