Cocktails to Make for A Nightcap

Cocktails to Make for A Nightcap

You’ve had dinner, maybe even dessert—but you’ve got room for one more drink. Ah, the nightcap: it’s a beautiful thing, a last hurrah. To celebrate vitruvi’s new Nightcap Essential Oil Blend (a citrusy, spicy mix of Blood Orange, Ginger, and Black Pepper), we’ve rounded up five inventive nightcap cocktail recipes that are good to the last drop.

Forbidden Root

This recipe from Well+Good is made with carrot and turmeric, meaning it’s got plenty of anti-inflammatory punch. Reach your vegetable quota while also toasting to the evening.

Hot Penicillin

From the minds of Bon Appetit comes this warm version of a classic. Scotch, lemon juice, and honey come together to make a complex yet approachable sip.

Old Fashioned

A tried and true spirit-forward staple. This recipe from GQ outlines how to do it right.

Bitters & Smoke

Imbibe magazine suggests this recipe for a cocktail that’s true to its name. Mexican and Italian flavours join forces for something truly unique.


This fruity mocktail from The Spruce Eats is perfect for the teetotaler. Because a nightcap doesn’t have to involve booze.

Cheers to another night well spent.