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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Cloud Humidifier?

To start using your humidifier, place it on a flat surface, then remove the water bucket and fill it with water to the fill line. Place the water bucket back inside the base and secure the lid on top. 

Make sure you don’t lift or tilt the humidifier when it's full of water.

Adjust the time setting or mist level as desired. If you don’t select a time setting, the humidifier will run until it’s empty.Once the cycle is complete or the water bucket is empty, it will automatically turn off.

Can I add essential oils to the Cloud Humidifier?

We don’t recommend adding essential oils to your humidifier. If you’re looking to scent your home, we suggest taking a look at our diffusers here.

What type of water should I use in my humidifier?

You can use tap, filtered or distilled water in your humidifier. That said, if you live in an area with hard water, we highly recommend using distilled water, which has all mineral contents removed. While filtered or tap water contains minerals that may affect the quality of the mist and result in faster mineral buildup.

How often should I replace my humidifier filter?

We recommend replacing your filter every 3 months. To purchase more filters, click here.

How do I clean my humidifier?

When cleaning your humidifier, always make sure to unplug it, and then remove the lid and water bucket from the base. Next, remove the filter and give it a rinse.

Cleaning the water bucket

You can place the water bucket in the dishwasher (make sure to remove the filter first). Alternatively, we suggest using warm, soapy water and a small, soft brush to scrub any corners; then rinse the bucket and set it aside to dry, or use a towel to dry it. 

Cleaning the base

Use warm, soapy water and a small, soft brush to scrub any corners, then rinse it and set it aside to dry, or use a towel to dry it. When cleaning the inside of the base, do not allow water into the air vent, as this may cause damage.

Cleaning the lid

Rinse the bottom of the lid, then set it aside to dry or use a towel to dry it.

What is the ideal humidity level for my home?

We recommend between 40% to 60% relative humidity (RH) as measured by a Humidity Sensor. You can read more about humidification levels here. To purchase a Humidity Sensor, click here.

Is there a warranty on my Cloud Humidifier?

Yes: all humidifiers come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re experiencing issues or have any further questions, reach out to us at to chat further.