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Stone Diffuser and Kit
Color: White
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The perfect place to begin.

This bundle includes the Stone Diffuser in any color alongside our Signature Kit (which includes 4 of our favorite blends). Featuring our best-selling products, this set is the ideal place to start your scent journey with us—plus, you save 10%.

Stone Diffuser in the color of your choice

Signature Kit:

  • 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) Legacy
  • 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) Sleep
  • 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) Pacific
  • 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml) Golden
  • Ceramic cover
  • 4 and 8-hour run times
  • 500 sq. ft. diffusing capacity

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You're Saving 10%

Natural Beauty

With a matte ceramic finish, the Stone Diffuser doubles as a piece of art in your home.

Scent Your Whole Day

The Stone Diffuser scents your day from AM to PM
with 4-hour and 8-hour run times.

What's In the Signature Kit

To diffuse

Add 20-30 drops of one of your Signature Kit oils to the Stone Diffuser.

Diffuser Materials & Specs


  • Matte ceramic, BPA-free plastic.


  • Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/second.
  • 4-hour and 8-hour settings.


  • Width: 8.7 cm.
  • Height: 18 cm.
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.

Misting output

  • Consistent: 1 fl. oz./hour.
  • Intermittent: 0.40 fl. oz./hour.

Diffusing capacity

  • 500 sq.-ft.


  • Automatically turns off when time is up or when water runs out.

Power cord

  • Compatible with North American outlets. Orders outside of North America require a plug adapter.

Diffuser Shipping & Warranty

Diffusers are delivered free with standard shipping. Your order will arrive within 3 to 8 business days and can be returned within 30 days of purchase. All diffusers have a lifetime device warranty. You can also purchase replacement parts here.

Questions? Contact us here.