Diffuser Cocktail: Bubble Bath

Diffuser Cocktail: Bubble Bath

The day is done, and you want to treat yourself with a bath (we feel you). Why not up the ante and add some bubbles? It’s funny how they transform an evening soak from standard to special, just like that. As the water’s running, put this essential oil blend in your bathroom diffuser so that when you surround yourself with bubbles, you’ve got a glorious aroma to match.


8 drops Retreat Essential Oil Blend

3 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Retreat is our go-to blend for creating a spa-like experience, and we like adding some more Eucalyptus to it for a truly all-encompassing scent. Then the Sweet Orange creates depth with its gorgeous citrus notes.

Now the only question is: white wine or red?