How to Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

How to Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

Having a garden gives you the ability to grow your own produce and the assurance that nothing toxic is going into what you eat. But a plot of land isn’t possible for many of us (and often, a balcony garden box isn’t either). If you still want to grow a few things for yourself, though, you can do so from the comfort of your kitchen. Regrowing greens in water from vegetable scraps is a simple and sustainable (not to mention delicious) way to enjoy organic produce for free, no rake or seeds needed.

What you need for growing vegetables in water

  • Vegetable scraps
  • Water
  • Small container or glass

    Here are some of the best vegetables to regrow in water from scraps in your kitchen.

    How to regrow lettuce

    Instead of throwing out leftovers, place the heads of romaine lettuce, cabbage, or bok choy in a bowl with around a half-inch of water. Place the bowl somewhere it will get sunlight, such as a windowsill. Within three or four days, you should notice new leaves and roots starting to sprout. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to regrow a full head; after 10 to 12 days, your produce will likely be as big as it’s going to get.

    How to regrow bean sprouts

    If you love cooking with bean sprouts, you’ll be happy to know you can regrow them for yourself quite easily. Simply soak roughly a tablespoon of beans in a container with water (a glass jar tends to work well) and leave overnight. In the morning, drain the water through a mesh cap or towel and then re-soak the beans in fresh water. Repeat this process until the sprouts reach the size that you want. Try this with mung beans (channelling your inner Creed from The Office) or lentils, as these options tend to be fastest to sprout.

    How to regrow leeks

    To regrow leeks, put the white root end in a jar with water and then place it in a well-lit spot. Within days, you’ll notice the green leafy part beginning to grow. Leave the white root end submerged in water and cut what you need from the green growth to use in your favourite recipes.

    How to regrow herbs

    Fresh herbs make meals taste even better. Mint, basil, parsley, thyme, and cilantro are all tasty herbs you can regrow from your windowsill—just make sure they get four to six hours of sunlight a day. When the roots are a couple of inches long, you can transplant them into soil.

    How to regrow celery

    Cut off the base of your celery and place it in water. In roughly one week, you should notice new leaves beginning to sprout from the middle. Allow the leaves to thicken before transferring into a pot of soil.

    How to regrow green onions

    Green opinions are a popular and easy vegetable to regrow. Put the white base with the roots in a glass of water in direct sunlight. Make sure the roots are pointing down, and change the water every few days; within a week, you should have a new harvest of green onions. Snip what you need and enjoy.