Scent Style: Maureen Choi, Executive Director of Content and Curation at Violet Grey

Words by Sara Harowitz

Photography by Maureen Choi

Just like your fashion sense, your scent preferences can say so much about who you are. So we decided to ask inspiring people in our network to come up with a unique diffuser cocktail—something that showcases their personalities and makes them feel amazing in their spaces.

Maureen Choi heads up content and curation at Violet Grey, so it’s safe to say that she’s got great taste. Violet Grey is a must-visit for beauty fans; its expertly curated selection of hair, body, skin, and cosmetic products is irresistible for anyone who views makeup as power and skincare as self-care.

When it comes to her own self-care, lately she’s been focusing on creating a sense of calm at home. And she’s got the perfect scent to set the mood.

Scent is so personal. What does it mean to you?

To me, scent is memory, worlds, moods, and communication all conjured up by a distilled amalgamation of notes. It’s a way of telegraphing your taste and teleporting through time and space, all while making a statement about who you are and what you love.

Describe your personality in three to five words.

Courageous, curious, disciplined, purposeful, and loyal.

With those words in mind, tell us about the diffuser cocktail that you’ve created to represent your scent style.

My juice of the moment is one of relaxation, calm—and escape! Usually, I’m grateful for options (hello, curiosity), but right now, the security of knowing exactly how to scent my life (that’s a dash of discipline with a whole lot of purpose) is comforting and empowering. My go-to mix starts with Dusk—a heady mix of warm Ho Wood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Lavender—and an additional hit of Bergamot for that signature splash of summer.

Maureen Choi Scent Style

Why did you choose each of these oils and how do they work together? What does the final aroma smell like or remind you of?

I’ve been a long-time devoted fan of Dusk; it has this low, pacifying scent of day fading into night and a touch of spa—you know, that blissful wind-down after a much-needed massage. Making that my base was a no-brainer. The Bergamot, though, was a casual inclusion. But it works, because blended together, the result is a luscious perfume that represents visions of vacation: the sun shimmering on the Italian sea with the sweet haze of over-ripened citrus in the background.

What room do you diffuse this scent in and when do you diffuse it?

My vitruvi diffuser is set atop a precious table in the “calm corner” of my living room, where I take a break from reality to recentre. When I’m able to spend time just for myself, it’s the full experience: delightful, warm, relaxing, and sensorially scented to take me away.

Maureen Choi Scent Style

Aside from scent, what else makes you feel truly at home in your space?

I’m top of the list for America’s Most Wanted plant-killers, but despite my black thumb, I’m fascinated by the energy and life greenery gives to a home. There’s something grown-up and braggy about keeping plants alive, on top of them being beautiful, useful, and mood-boosting. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who is able to successfully garden indoors has figured out how to turn their house into a home.

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

The variation in light. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom that make it feel open and airy, but there are also lights under the cabinets on dimmers, several overheads in the bathroom, and a few strategically-placed lamps for mood lighting on demand.


15 drops Dusk Essential Oil Blend

10 drops Bergamot Essential Oil