Easy Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Green

Easy Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Green

Making your beauty rituals more eco-friendly is great for the earth and for your peace of mind. Changes don’t have to be large to have a large impact—here are some simple ways to green your routine.

Reusable cotton pads

Reusable pads yield less absorbent fibres as you’re applying toner; plus, they boast a super soft texture and result in a very easy care routine. Just give the rounds a gentle wash with soap after each use, and toss them in with a load of laundry for a thorough clean. Purchase from Etsy to support small business as an added benefit.

Reusable cotton swabs

Did you know cotton swabs can be seriously harmful for your ear canals? Using them to clean the outside of your ears is fine, but medical professionals recommend avoiding the ear canal proper. Enter: the reusable swab. They’re easily washable, great for precision makeup application, and perfect for cleaning the outside of your ears. Plus, they include a cute carrying case if you order from Dew South or KOPA. And now you won’t need to find space for a 500-count box of disposable ones in your medicine cabinet.

Naked soap and cleaning products in bulk

Buying bulk means fewer non-essential trips to the store. Far from the panic-purchasing of toilet paper from the early days of COVID-19, this version is responsible and supports small business. Find your local equivalent to Vancouver’s The Soap Dispensary or Nada Grocery and stock up on the basics. Bonus points for making your own products—check out our recipe section to get started.

Refillable glass vessels and jars

There’s a reason this suggestion endures, and it’s obvious: so much of our product waste comes from packaging. Sourcing naked products is an excellent way to cut down on this, but you’ll still need sanitary homes for all those soaps and sprays. So opt for glass vessels that are easy to clean—read: dishwasher safe—with airtight tops. Mason jars are a great option for dry products because they stack so uniformly in a make-up drawer or cupboard. Purchase a 12-pack of jars from your supermarket and use the extras to pickle something tasty.

Compostable brushes

Instead of disposable plastic versions, try compostable toothbrushes like OLA Bamboo. Just be sure to pull the bristles out before composting the handle.

General habits

Beyond purchasing eco-friendly products, the best way to green your beauty routine is to change your habits. Be sure to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, take short showers, and wash your face with a washcloth rather than running water. If you are able to invest a small amount upfront, consider installing a bidet attachment to cut down on toilet paper use, like this one from Tushy. Similarly, if you are a menstruating person, consider using a menstrual cup (like a classic DivaCup) or period panties from Knix, rather than disposable products. Taken together, these suggestions can almost entirely eliminate packaging from your beauty (and health) routine.

Investing in a few key products will not only lessen stress on the environment, but will lessen stress on you. Win, meet win.