Luxurious Foot Soak

Luxurious Foot Soak

Soaking my feet at the end of a long day has become one of my most simple yet significant rituals. It’s an easy practice that I’ve done at home, in hotel rooms, and with basins of warm water while in the wilderness. There is something beautiful about the act of rinsing my feet clean to signify washing away the day and going to sleep ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

Lately I’ve been using our Ceremony Essential Oil Blend mixed with some Lemon Essential Oil in my foot soak for a cleansing and comforting aroma.


20 drops Ceremony Essential Oil Blend

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil


  1. Fill your bathtub or a basin of water with two to three inches of warm water, or until your feet are fully submerged (you can fill it higher if you’d like, to submerge your calves as well). If you use a basin, make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in; if you’re using a bathtub, create a nice seat with a towel so you can relax.
  2. Add the essential oils to the water.
  3. Keep your feet submerged for as long as you need.
  4. Take four long, deep breaths.