Complete Calm Tea

Words by Louise Miller

Photography by Taylor McKay

It can be one of the most frustrating things: lying in bed, your body completely exhausted, but your brain is in overdrive. Sometimes you’re replaying your day’s events or your schedule for the next day, and sometimes it’s nothing at all—you just have Beyoncé in your head saying, “Boy, bye” on repeat and you can’t make her stop.

When we have trouble falling asleep, we often turn to tea. Try combining a spoonful each of chamomile and spearmint with a dash of lavender in a bowl. If you’re lucky enough to have some in the garden, go ahead and use that fresh; otherwise you can find loose teas at a natural food store.

Fill an empty teabag or a strainer with a teaspoon of the blend. Steep it in boiled water for five minutes and add a dollop of organic honey before sipping slowly.

Sweet dreams.