My Quarantine Spaces: Tommy Lei’s Kitchen

My Quarantine Spaces: Tommy Lei’s Kitchen

Each week, Tommy Lei of @mybelonging takes us through a different room in his home.

The kitchen has been such a sacred space for me, especially during quarantine.

Its where I start my day with an espresso or a cup of green tea. Piping hot. There’s astronomical cooking that takes place here almost every other day. Both my partner and I love to cook, thankfully.

Tommy Lei

This winter we've made some scrumptious Swedish meatballs, risottos, Japanese shabu—the list goes on. And those delicious smells linger on even longer. So I naturally gravitate toward diffusing vitruvi’s Clean Sweep, because it’s a scent that signifies new beginnings to me. Very much like having a clean kitchen, without having to do (too) much cleaning.