CBD and Sex 101: Helping Women Achieve Greater Sexual Satisfaction

CBD and Sex 101: Helping Women Achieve Greater Sexual Satisfaction

For many women, sexual pleasure is overlooked.

Insecurities around body image vulnerability, and even chronic stress, can undermine your ability to achieve satisfying sexual experiences. This can result in difficulty feeling comfortable exploring and communicating personal preferences, making it that much harder to reach sexual gratification. It’s important to forget about those preconceived notions and your never-ending to-do list, and to focus on your own pleasure—because sexual enjoyment actually might play an important role in overall health and happiness. Recently, there has been a growing conversation about using CBD not only to reduce stress levels, aid in sleep, and address overall health goals, but also as a tool into the bedroom to possibly help improve sexual fulfillment.

As we age, according to an article from Harvard Health Publishing, our bodies undergo physical changes that can impact on our sexual experiences. Decreasing hormone levels and alterations in our brains might contribute to issues like vaginal discomfort or waning libido—which can, in turn, throw a wrench in your path to enjoyable physical intimacy.

CBD—the part of the cannabis plant that does not get you high—interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which has a significant responsibility in regulating numerous processes in the body; this includes influencing our mood, our energy levels, our perceptions of pain, and our ability to handle stress. Cannabinoid receptors can be found in the reproductive organs and in the organs responsible for generating sex hormones; this indicates that the endocannabinoid system may have a role in regulating various experiences related to sex.

Furthermore, when CBD communicates with your cannabinoid receptors in the body, it can engage with your limbic system, or a complex set of structures found within the brain involved with both emotional and mental functions. This system is tied to your self-pleasure—like arousal, motivation, and reinforcement of behaviors. If you are activating this system, you may find benefits with easing your daily aches and stressors, which may aid you in relaxing and getting ready for a steamy night between the sheets.

Not only does CBD have the potential to aid in relaxation of the mind and ease the discomfort in the body, it also has the ability to act as a vasodilator, allowing the blood to flow more easily to the genitals. Both feeling more relaxed and increasing blood flow may heighten your body’s response to physical sensation and promote better focus on pleasurable activities.

While there is no direct evidence yet to support the use of CBD for enhancing sexual experiences for women, preclinical data and anecdotal claims from individuals who used CBD oil before intimacy suggest a positive relationship between the use of cannabis and sex.

Equilibria, our high-quality CBD company, is committed to restoring balance to the lives of women. Our team of dosage specialists recommends incorporating products like the Daily Drops, the Dynamic Roller Duo, and the Balancing Bath Bombs before engaging in sexual intimacy. Try a half-dropper of the Daily Drops before sex, which can allow you to decompress and get into the mood. Apply the Calming Roller behind your ears or on your wrists to help you take the edge off. Take a warm bath with one of our Balancing Bath Bombs, which can promote relaxation and get you into a calmer state of mind; you can also invite your partner to join you in the bath as foreplay. The whole idea is to help you get out of your head—and into your body.