An Introduction to Healing Crystals

An Introduction to Healing Crystals

Crystals have been part of healing traditions throughout the world for thousands of years. Even Roman philosopher and naturalist Pliny the Elder discusses the use of crystals for healing and magical protection in his widely-read first-century book Naturalis Historia.

Today, the mystical lineage of crystals calls to folks who are looking for greater spiritual connection in their everyday lives. Crystal healing is used in many cultures, including Indian medicine, British paganism, and Indigenous traditions across North and South America, so it’s important to go back to your own roots to see how your own ancestors might have used them in practice—and to be respectful of other cultures’ historical traditions, as well.

What do healing crystals do?

Working with crystals is a way to practice mindfulness. You can think of crystals as containers for your emotions and energetic states. When we talk about “charging” a crystal, this is what we mean: focusing your mindful attention on the crystal and filling it up with whatever intended energy you want it to hold. This energy can also include the attributes of the sun or moon, which are used to charge crystals as well. 

How to use healing crystals

Some of the ways you can use charged crystals or talismans include placing them around the home: near your entryway, next to your bed, or in your workspace. You can also create spell bags that contain your crystal of choice, along with a slip of paper or piece of fabric anointed with a drop or two of an essential oil, to take with you as you go about your day. Just note that direct sunlight, water, and essential oils can degrade certain types of crystals, so avoid putting oil directly onto your crystals or handling them with oil on your palms.

The most common healing crystals

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the crystals that can support you in your self-care practices, and how to pair them with vitruvi essential oil blends for a more immersive ritual.

Clear quartz and selenite

Clear quartz is considered the master crystal. You can use it as a container for any type of energy or intention. It cleanses, brings clarity, and illuminates what’s unseen. Similarly, selenite is a powerful crystal for clearing the aura and absorbing heavy energy like stress and sadness. Selenite placed on the chest during a moment of quiet meditation can offer a feeling of peace and a sense of relief. 

Pair with Boost to enhance the feelings of lightness and positivity that these crystals offer.

Smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and tiger’s eye

These crystals are typically used for shielding the holder from negative energy and offering protection and grounding. Smoky quartz and black tourmaline are great to have in the home as energetic boundary-keepers; you can charge them with your intention to keep intruders (both physical and psychic) out of your sacred space. Tiger’s eye is a companion that helps you feel confident and secure in your power, able to face any challenge with grace.

Pair with Ceremony: a blend that includes essential oils from herbs that have traditionally been used for cleansing and protection.


This violet-colored beauty is prized for its ability to create a sense of balance. Its name means, literally, “not intoxicated,” and it was once believed to prevent drunkenness. Charge it with the intention to receive inner peace and clarity about decisions you might be anxious about. Amethyst’s purple hue is associated with the third eye and—whether you’re into that concept or not—it can be extremely calming to place the heavy, cool crystal on your forehead to help clear your mind.

Pair with Dusk to deepen the feeling of relaxation in the body and ground yourself while you meditate with this stone.

Citrine and rose quartz

Both of these stones evoke glowing feelings like compassion, hope, and abundance. Citrine’s bright orange-gold coloring is reminiscent of the rays of the sun, bringing warmth and life-giving optimism. Carry citrine when you need a boost of vitality and if you’re looking to feel positivity around money. Rose quartz is traditionally associated with love of all kinds; let someone who adores you hold onto a piece of rose quartz for a while, filling it with the energy of their care for you. Then keep it with you as a reminder of how loved you are.

Pair with Golden, an invigorating scent that lightens your mood and evokes the radiant glow of feeling truly seen.


This household staple has also long been used in magical practices. Stemming from its use as a preservative (as it appeared to “ward off” decay), salt is used for protection, purification, and banishing harmful or heavy energy. It’s also used to draw magic circles in modern witchcraft and as a key ingredient in cleansing baths.

To use it in a ritual, pour salt into a dish with a few drops of Pacific, a blend that includes Bergamot and Basil (both associated with bringing in abundance) and Eucalyptus (a powerful agent of protection). Keep the dish next to you while you have a warm evening soak.

The power of crystals lies in your intention. Their teachings are yours for the taking.