Sultry Natural Hair Perfume

Sultry Natural Hair Perfume

Velvet Essential Oil Blend makes a great natural hair perfume because it has resinous qualities thanks to the Amber and Frankincense oils. Both act as fixatives and help the scent last longer, which means you’ll get whiffs of Velvet’s beautiful aroma as you go about your day.


2 teaspoons base (chosen for your hair type; see below)

2 tablespoons rose water

30 drops Velvet Essential Oil Blend

Base options

  • Witch hazel: for oily or fine hair
  • Jojoba Oil: for curly or dry hair
  • Aloe vera gel: for sun-damaged hair
  • Filtered water: for normal hair


  1. Choose the base for your hair type and add it to your mist bottle.
  2. Add the filtered water or rose water.
  3. Add the Velvet Essential Oil Blend.


  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Close your eyes and spray all over your hair.
  3. Have a dance party in your bathroom (we suggest this song).