Indoor Plants To Match Your Zodiac Sign

Indoor Plants To Match Your Zodiac Sign

Houseplants make us feel more connected to nature, especially if we’re in a city setting. But what if they can make us feel more connected to ourselves, too? 

That answer is written in the stars. Our personality traits can be traced to the planets’ positions surrounding our time of birth and beyond; we’re all associated with certain colors, numbers, and symbols. So it’s no surprise that there are indoor plants perfectly suited for each of the 12 zodiac signs, too—read on to find your matches. (Tip: for safe measure, always do your research before bringing a new plant into your home to ensure it’s not harmful to your pets or children.)


Full of initiative and determination, you don’t let much hold you back. You’re ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and war; you, Aires, are an independent yet natural protector of those closest to you. You can choose a plant on the lower side of maintenance, or one that requires a more delicate hand. 

Recommended houseplants: zebra plant, orange orchid, snake plant, cactus.


Influenced by Venus, the planet of love, it’s no surprise that you appreciate all things beautiful. Your dedicated nature lends to your attentive ability, Taurus, so you’ll benefit from having plants as self-sufficient as you are. 

Recommended houseplants: heart leaf philodendron, parlor palm, jade plant, horti jade.


Logic, reasoning, and intellect are at the heart of who you are. With Mercury being your dominant ruling planet, you can find yourself filled with a childlike wonder. Because you don’t follow set patterns, you, Gemini, will love having houseplants that match your uniqueness.

Recommended houseplants: English ivy, calathea vittata, air plant.


Highly intuitive when it comes to others’ emotions and your own, you feel things deeply because of your ruling planet: the moon. You often retreat into yourself and your home to reflect, so you, Cancer, would do great with houseplants that mirror your sensitive and giving nature—but also your need for time alone.

Recommended houseplants: laceleaf, sensitive plant, plumosus asparagus fern.


Fiery, fierce, and bold, you, Leo, are full of life and energy. You’re colorful and vibrant, just like these plants. 

Recommended houseplants: amaryllis, Swiss cheese plant, painted-leaf begonia, paddle plant.


You are observant, particular, and the embodiment of serenity and calm. You, Virgo, like life to go a certain way, and won’t waste your time on insignificant things (plants not being one, of course).

Recommended houseplants: banana plant, echeveria, prayer plant, heartleaf philodendron.


Influenced by Venus in a more people-focused way, you, Libra, have a natural pull; you instantly draw others in. With good taste comes the need for plants reflective of your charisma.

Recommended houseplants: string of pearls, bird’s nest fern, peace lily.


Mysterious and unafraid, you mostly get your personality traits from Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. It’s not as dark and brooding as it sounds, although you don’t mind exploring gloomier concepts; it’s more about shedding what doesn’t work and embracing what does. These plants suit you perfectly, Scorpio—they’re intimidating in all their beauty.

Recommended houseplants: snake plant, philodendron imperial green, Venus flytrap, dragon tree plant.


Free-spirited, optimistic, and ruled by Jupiter, you aim to expand your way of thinking. You don’t settle, hence your adventurous nature. Always learning and discovering, you, Sagittarius, will benefit from plants on the low-maintenance side.

Recommended houseplants: baseball plant, coffee plant, snake plant, spider plant.


Influenced by Saturn, you are all about rules and boundaries. Hardworking and structured, you are detail-oriented and plan for the long-term. Some of these houseplants require very dedicated care, but if any sign can handle them, it’s you, Capricorn.

Recommended houseplants: jade plant, snake plant, juniper bonsai tree, devil’s ivy. 


Quirky, unique, and rebellious, you seek to make the world a better place by dismantling current constructs that aren’t working. So it makes sense that the planet of innovation and rebellion, Uranus, rules over you. These plants are original—just like you, Aquarius.

Recommended houseplants: ZZ plant, lifesaver plant, corkscrew albuca plant.


Dreamy, creative, and sensitive, you are highly tuned to others’ emotions—and your intuitive nature is reflected in Neptune, your ruling planet. Adaptive and selfless, you, Pisces, benefit from plants that are chill and full of healing ability. 

Recommended houseplants: Jasmine, ZZ plant, string of pearls, aloe vera.

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