Cool Mother-Daughter Businesses

Words by Sara Harowitz

  • Photos courtesy of MaisonCléo.

    Photos courtesy of MaisonCléo.

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The mother-daughter relationship is a special one for most of us. But for these people, that’s extra true. Here are some amazing companies from around the world that are run by mother-daughter teams. They’re adding a new definition to the term “family business.”

House of Aama

The brainchild of mother-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, House of Aama is a stunning New York-based fashion brand celebrating Africa and its diaspora. From silk wrap skirts to halter tops, House of Aama uses soft earth tones, pops of color, and organic silhouettes to share its singular perspective on fashion and identity. Oh, and everything is made to order.


The ‘90s are back in fashion, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing—especially when it leads to brands like Supercrush. The Vancouver-based hair accessory company was founded by mother-daughter duo Shelby Slater and Courtney Peters, who design and handcraft a gorgeous offering of scrunchies (which we all know are better for our hair than elastics, and look cuter, too).

de Lana

Mother-daughter team Macarena and Camille Toro are behind the Belgian fashion label de Lana, which focuses on slow, quality, and transparent production. Made to order and customizable, these knit pieces are feminine and freeing, incorporating interesting silhouettes and just the right amount of color.

Jaswant’s Kitchen

Jaswant Kular founded Jaswant’s Kitchen with not one of her daughters, but three of them. Based in Toronto, the company creates all-natural Indian spice blends; using real, natural, whole spices, the team expertly combines authentic Indian flavours to create an array of options for at-home cooks, from saag paneer seasoning to turmeric latte mix.

The Moth Cafe

Edmonton might not be the first place you think of when it comes to quality plant-based food, but The Moth Cafe is changing that. Founded by Thanh Lu and her daughters Jillian Khuong and Khuyen Khuong, The Moth features a menu of mouthwatering dishes like purple yam risotto, chickpea red curry, and a teriyaki portobello burger. The gin and tonic menu is nothing to shake a finger at, either. Note: the restaurant is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and hopes to reopen when it is safe to do so.

Mattina Moderna

Whimsical, unique, and playful home decor objects are the name of the game for France-based Mattina Moderna. The mother-daughter duo behind this brand creates beautiful candy-colored lamps that are sure to instantly brighten (pun intended) any space. Focusing on craft and pure joy, this company is one to watch.


Mother-daughter pair Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter came together to create Bernadette, an Antwerp-based clothing line with serious cool factor. Soft textures like silk and satin are used to create the brand’s sultry, feminine dresses and skirts, many of which feature flowers hand-drawn by Charlotte.


Mother-daughter powerhouse Cléo and Marie Dewet are the brains behind MaisonCléo, a Lille, France-based fashion brand worn by everyone from Leandra Medine Cohen to Emily Ratajkowski. Ethereal, sexy, and timeless, MaisonCléo pieces are made to order using leftover fabric from other brands. To snag a coveted piece, fans have to be in the know: the line’s ecommerce shop is only open one day a week (Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. EST). Mark your calendars.

This really all just goes to show what we’ve always been told: mother knows best.