Cannabis Skincare: Does it Work?

Cannabis Skincare: Does it Work?

The cannabis conversation is changing rapidly. More and more people are discovering the potential benefits of this natural plant, whether they be for sleep, relaxation, sexual pleasure, or yes, even skincare.

When it comes to that last point, Jennifer Grant is a firm believer. The founder of natural skincare line Empyri is all in on the topical benefits of cannabis, and has dedicated her career to sharing them with the masses.

It all began when the chemical engineer first discovered cannabis root, which has long been used topically in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She did some research and then started using it to create skincare products for herself and her friends. “It just worked really well,” she says via video from her home, with her dogs intermittently barking in the background. A few experiments turned into a multi-step line that includes a cream, toner, cleanser, and serum. The Hydrating Toner + Vitamin C is an easy favorite; to preserve the potency of the Vitamin C, customers are given the acid in packets that they mix into the soothing cannabis root toner every two weeks. It instantly leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean, and supple.

“One of the biggest changes was adding Vitamin C to my skincare regime,” says Grant of her own routine and the benefits she’s seen from Empyri’s products. “It’s exfoliating, and the Vitamin C is also acidic—and what that acidic nature of the product does is kill the bacteria that cause acne. I was 40 years old with three kids and I still was struggling with acne, and that was the big thing that the Vitamin C did for me: it totally got rid of my acne.”

What parts of the cannabis plant are found in skincare?

There are many parts of the cannabis plant that can be harvested for specific use cases (for example, THC is the ingredient that gets you high, while CBD is the element known to ease anxiety). In terms of topical application, cannabis root, seed oil, and seed extract can all be utilized in skincare in different ways.

What are the benefits of cannabis for the skin?

When applied topically, cannabis root can reduce inflammation, which in turn can help ease skin irritations such as rosacea, acne, and psoriasis. “Putting cannabis root on topically, especially when combined with hemp seed oil—they work really well together,” says Grant. “They make each other work better.”

Hemp seed oil is anti-inflammatory as well, and is an antioxidant, which can help with environmental damage, dry skin, and redness; hemp seed extract, meanwhile, is known to improve skin texture and smoothness.

Certainly, Empyri’s products have an overall calming effect on this author’s skin. The moisturizer and toner in particular have become bathroom staples, helping with redness and tone. Bottom line? If cannabis is what it takes to have good skin, just call us potheads.