There’s an After Oil for That

Words by Tessa McDonald

Photography by Brit Gill

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Any time we launch a new product at vitruvi, we tend to get a little obsessed. So in honour of our new After Oil—a warming, relaxing roll-on for muscles and tension, thanks to its mix of Peppermint Essential Oil, Turmeric Essential Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, and more—we had some fun outlining a bunch of the ways this product can be applied to the body. The primary use for After Oil is on your neck and shoulders, but no matter how you spend your days, there’s truly an After Oil for that.

Waiting tables or tending bar? Roll After Oil onto the soles of your feet.

Lover of Pilates? Roll After Oil onto your shoulders and calves.

Crunching numbers with calculators and spreadsheets? Roll After Oil onto your wrists and palms.

Have a headache? Roll After Oil onto your temples (just be sure to avoid your eyes).

Stomach cramps? Roll After Oil onto the sore spots.

Frequent swimmer? Roll After Oil onto your upper arms.

Hunched over a desk? Roll After Oil onto your shoulders.

Always picking up after your teenagers? Roll After Oil onto your lower back.

Hit your funny bone? Roll After Oil onto, well, your funny bone.

Intense gym workout? Roll After Oil onto—you guessed it—your neck and shoulders.

Basically, our one oil blend has a myriad of uses. Its light warming and tingling effect slowly builds, making it wonderfully soothing for aching, tired muscles and joints. We are all active in different ways—whether you’re a professional athlete, have a physically-intense job, or simply like to take walks around the park, taking care of your body is number one.