I Am African Canadian

I Am African Canadian

Black History Month is about understanding, honoring, and paying tribute to the Black community.

It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora; today, we also celebrate the current African Canadian community that continues to redefine our relationship to identity.

Black History Month in Canada

“I Am African Canadian” is a video statement of strength, resilience, and joy. We asked a handful of people to describe what it means to be African Canadian and were met with so many unique perspectives. Though the media, film, and pop culture often push a homogenized version of “Black culture,” in reality, everyone has a different relationship with their identity. Whether you belong to the African diaspora, or are first-, second-, or third-generation Canadian, it’s fair to say that “African Canadian” is only the beginning of a much larger story.

Video credits

Writing and directing: Jamila Pomeroy

Editing: Kurt Cuffy

Brenden Cairns
Leonel Franco
Jamila Pomeroy
Nadjema Soro
Asha Wheeldon