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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

Words by Tessa McDonald

Photography by Mackenzie Walker

You know that unmistakable smell of a spa? That’s Eucalyptus. This popular essential oil is synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation, which makes it a household staple.

What is Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus is an herbal essential oil with many uses. It’s perfect for creating mini spa moments from the comfort of your home, which means it is a bathroom must-have. But its renewing qualities make it truly great in any room.

How to use Eucalyptus Oil

You can put Eucalyptus in homemade self-care products, and put it into a diffuser to scent your home as well.

Eucalyptus Oil recipes

Eucalyptus is incredibly versatile, and can be used in an array of various household and beauty products that are easy to make yourself. Here are some of our favorites:

Eucalyptus Oil diffuser blends

Eucalyptus is also great in a diffuser. It can be diffused on its own or mixed with other essential oils. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Eucalyptus Oil benefits

There are many benefits to using Eucalyptus Essential Oil. This herbaceous oil is antimicrobial and antibacterial, which is part of why it’s so popular in spa steam rooms. It’s also gloriously invigorating, and can help promote deep breathing.

Where to buy Eucalyptus Oil

The Eucalyptus Essential Oil from vitruvi is organic, 100 per cent pure, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and made without synthetic fragrances, phthalates, formaldehydes, or sulfates. Steam-distilled from eucalyptus leaves, it’s a great all-natural option for scenting your home safely and beautifully. It comes in two bottle sizes and can be subscribed to through vitruvi’s Essentials Club program.

Is Eucalyptus Oil safe for cats and dogs?

It’s best to consult your veterinarian if you are looking to introduce essential oils into your home. When diffusing, we also recommend keeping oils and diffusers out of reach of your pets and turning your diffusers off if you leave the house. But your vet will know best (and your furry friends deserve the best).
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